"Becoming A Man" - Where It's Been, Where It's Headed

Preventing violence

Yesterday's Tribune featured the rollout of a $1M new effort to implement -- and study -- a youth violence prevention program called "Becoming A Man." Has BAM been tried at your school?  Is it heading your way?  What do you think about its chances? Click below for the list of schools that have tried the programs since 2001 and the list of 15 schools in the new study.

Previous:  Ames Elementary, Chase Elementary ,Chopin Elementary, Ray Elementary, South Loop Elementary, Von Humboldt Elementary, Von Steuben High School, and Yates Elementary School. 

New:  Austin Polytech High School,  Banneker Elementary School, ,Bass Elementary School, Clemente High School, Crane Tech Prep Academy High School, Douglass Academy High, School, Fenger Academy High School ,Harper High School, Jordan Elementary School, Juarez High School, Little Village Elementary School, Orr Academy High School, Parker Elementary School, Robeson High School, and Yale Elementary School.


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