Will New Media Outlet Improve Schools Coverage?


The new Chicago News Cooperative has lots of education connections, including board members Marty Koldyke (Golden Apple, AUSL) and journalists (Jim Warren, husband of Cornelia Grumman). It's going to start putting out original content for the local edition of the New York Times just before Thanksgiving.  I think but don't know that sometimes education writer Ryan Blitstein is going to be involved,too.  He's the guy who wrote the profile of Ron Huberman in Chicago Mag a few months ago.  But it's unclear what CNC's focus will be in terms of beats and coverage.  Will it be a steady provider of original reporting about Chicago schools, like CTDN was for a while?  Or will the Times, WTTW, and other customers be looking for something else?

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  • blitstein confirms that he's going to do some writing for CNC,
    though there are no specifics re beats or assignments.

    here's the huberman profile he wrote over the summer:

    / alexander

  • Sound like a group of apologists for the present mayor and regime.

  • Does CPS do this already? "Blogger feels stifled by Lewisville schools' revised policy on media access"


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