Will CPS Keep Parents & Teachers Informed About Swine Flu (This Time)?


Everyone's waiting for the swine flu to break out at one or several Chicago public schools, and it seems almost certain that it'll happen soon.  The question is whether the Board will do a better job keeping parents and teachers informed than the miserable job they did last year.

There are already some cases being reported in Schaumberg (Schaumburg school confirms 2 swine flu cases).  The disease took down Lincoln Park's Francis W. Parker school (Lincoln Park school reopens after illness).  A Naperville teen already died from it last week (Swine flu cases on the rise in Illinois).  Meanwhile, the immunization shot is only now being made available -- young children and their families are supposed to get it first in Illinois (Where to Get Flu Shot Is Big Worry of Season NYT) but I'm not sure that's actually happening. 

Last year, the flu hit some schools and some parts of the city more than others (Chicago's first H1N1 outbreak hit some communities harder than others).  And CPS did what seemed like an extremely poor job keeping parents and teachers informed
about what was going on at their schools (Belated Swine Flu Notification /23 comments).  Given the lack of
information on the CPS swine flu page, this year could turn out no better. Especially since schools are under pressure not to close. 

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