Who Took Fenger Video (& Why Fox Paid, Delayed Airing It)


The owner said that he  "wanted to document the violence his sister and others had to endure just to walk to and from school." (The Decision to Air Derrion Albert Beating Death)


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  • Retired Principal said: Ron Huberman should try and help the general high schools instead of making them dumping grounds to be closed later and "Turnarounded" or changed into charter schools or contract schools!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I think it's unfair to blame Mr. Huberman for the current situation of the schools he inherited. Certainly, I would like for him to hold off "turnarounding" any additional schools until there is some concrete data on the effectiveness of the strategy. (Of course, when that data is in, I believe it will show "turnarounding" to be as big a failure as "reconstitution" was.)

    Granted, the problem of the general high schools is the "creaming off the top" students, as it were. But even this situation existed before mayoral control of the schools. Things have gotten much worse since the Vallas-Chico team instituted the selective enrollment high schools, but the magnet schools that were their precursor existed before then.

    IMHO, there shouldn't be any SE high schools. That would do the most to help the general high schools. But we're hardly going to get rid of them now that they have become so popular with the middle class families who form the tax base of the city and feel it's their due.


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Oh no! I have to beg to differ. I went to Noble street charter highschool for two years (non se, but lottery) . I choose to transfer (due to personal issues) to Kelvyn Park a "regular" cps highschool. The curriculum at Kelvyn failed in comparrison to Noble's. I entered kelvyn park with 16 credits as a junior (11) are required. I had a teacher tell me that because i was so well versed in the material i did not have to come to class, just pass my finals(which, i did) the teachers in non s/e schools are so exhausted they can't teach.. & when i say cant i mean they cant. Its one disruption after another and then the teacher eventually gives up because what can they do? there is nothing they can do. Students at these non s/e schools (not all) have no desire to learn and are just buying their time till they can get the heck outta dodge. They sabatoge their education and the education of others for sport. To get rid of S/E schools would be a serious injustice to those who seek to learn and not play around.

  • Right RP! Students and teachers at the CPS high schools that are not selective enrollment are waiting for the other shoe to fall. Ron is despised by teachers and by high school students! He is completely out of his element here.
    Ron has really screwed the high schools over and his new guru that he just hired, left ohio because she could not get along! Daley needs to remove him now.

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