Where's The 'Ville? A Roseland Mystery

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Over at Change Of Subject, Eric Zorn points out that no one knows what to call the sticks that were used in the Fenger melee but that they are almost certainly not railroad ties as has been reported numerous times in the press (A small point about very large pieces of wood). 

My question is even more basic, focusing on the rivalry between Altgeld Gardens and The 'Ville.  Everybody's talking about it like it's something that everyone knows.  Well, not me. 

Where is The 'Ville and when did it get its name?  What part of Roseland does it include?  I've asked a couple of folks and no one seems to know.  It's not on any neighborhood maps I can find.  There's little or nothing about it online. Nothing on the Roseland entry in Wikipedia. It's called a sliver of Roseland here.

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