Where's Huberman? THERE's Huberman.

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It seemed to many like schools chief Ron Huberman might have been AWOL or offstage during the City Hall press conference on Wednesday (left).  But thanks to a friend (and the folks at RedEye) now we know where Ron was:  standing behind Arne Duncan, looking...awkward.
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  • He is probably thinking about the cuts he is about to make. Or perhaps all the African American teachers displaced in favor of young teachers. Or maybe about the people who didn't get paid today and the fact that he knows his check is already in the bank.

  • Where was Arne Duncan for his term as CEO? He was part of the privileged Hyde Park gang!!! Arne didn't have the *alls to do the right thing when presented with the plight of the students when he was in office. He is a disgrace and flunky. Now he continues his Neo Con no-nothing charade.

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