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Lots of news and commentary, most (but not all) focused on what to do about youth violence:

The message at the first annual Washington Park Peace Festival and Back-to-School Rally was non-violence and personal responsibility.

Derrion Albert funeral: "No simple fix Tutor Mentor Connection

Until others, such as the editorial writers in our media, and other bloggers, and our faith leaders, take up this same call to involvement and leadership, it's not likely that we'll get the complex and long term "fix" that Rev. E.G. Ledbetter Jr spoke of.

On every level, whether in some of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods or in its wealthiest, there are children who are angry and looking for a way to channel that frustration, who have learned along the way that life is not as important as their pride. 

Part of the violence pattern involves recently departed eight-graders that get out of high school early enough to go back to their former grade school and terrorize younger students. 

Real stories from R2010, part 1 PURE
About a month ago, I visited Harper High school at the invitation of CPS HS Turnaround director Don Fraynd. 
I should have posted this information sooner, but I've been pestered by what feels like the 10 Plagues of the Modern Age.

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