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Here's your chance to bring up issues that aren't already being discussed elsewhere -- new or different topics (or random complaints).  I'll be posting on Twitter and you can see the latest updates here also.

    How is it going at your school? What's on your mind?

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    • from NYT: "The RAND report, found that students kept in the fifth grade for an additional year showed significant improvement in standardized tests over the next three years compared with low-performing students..." Did Rand look to make sure that these students were not getting the same test; taking the same test twice? Since students already had the questions once before, of course they should do better-- Repeated questions on tests and students getting the same questions twice is a bigger problem that Rand realizes! Their furture studies should look into this.
      Alexander--could not post this on the NYT site. I hope rand realizes this could all be folly if the students get repeated questions...

    • what is area 23 address? how do we find out the other area office addresses?

    • call Sarah K at 773-553-1000 to get the addresses.
      She is the chief of performance management for CPS. Since not haveing the addresses listed is poor performance--she should know about it. There isn't even a organization chart and it is mid-October....thanks Sarah--great performance

    • There's this Neighborhood Parents Network discussion board about public schooling in Chicago area, but you need a membership to view it. Still, interesting to see what's abuzz:

      Wasn't this group once called Northside Parents Network? Can't recall.

    • It is extremely ironic that the neo-con groups or think tanks that support charter schools, ALWAYS say they are about keeping government and state accountable and transparent, yet support a structure that in Chicago that is about keeping things under the table. Yup, how is it that these charter schools are failing in ISBE state tests and there are no consequences. That sounds like no one is holding these companies accountable.

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