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Chicago Public Schools Facing More Cuts WBEZ

Chicago Public Schools Chief Ron Huberman is planning another $61 million in budget cuts this fiscal year.

Nurturing 'School Minds' EdWeek
group recently received a $98 million grant from the state of Illinois
to open new ones. That's believed to be the largest grant of public
capital funds to a U.S. charter school operator.

Portfolio Districts:  An Interim Report 

Center on Reinventing Public Education
is the first report from an ongoing study of four urban school
districts (New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and the District of
Columbia) that are experimenting with new school designs and new ways
of holding schools accountable for performance.

Someone You Should Know: Educator Hazel Bauman CBS2
days a week, Bauman volunteers at the Decatur Classical School in
Chicago. She started there 15 years ago after she retired as a
classroom teacher. This year, 2009, marks Bauman's 65th year in the
school system.

Denver Teachers Approve Lower Pay Raises EdWeek
The contract includes a 2.5 percent cost-of-living raise and 1.65 percent stipend if the economy improves.

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  • Retired Principal said: How many teachers or ESP's were cut at your school this week or last week?

  • Sounds like Huberman and his all white crew. EEOC decides against city. workers harassed, agency rules.

    CORE Forges Ahead with EEOC Lawsuit

    Here is a story from today's news about the racist activities of Daley and his crew. I wonder how many white students have been murdered because of REN2010?

    EEOC decides against city
    Transportation workers harassed, agency rules

    The city's Department of Transportation discriminated against black and female employees, as well as other workers because of their national origin, according to a finding by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    Patty Young, a field service specialist, brought the complaint. Young was fired after she was accused in 2006 of stealing a computer and other city equipment, which she denied.

    Young said her firing was converted to a six-month unpaid suspension by the city's Human Resources Board and she was ordered to repay the city $2,400 for the equipment, which she did. She said she returned to work Aug. 30.

    In a Sept. 30 "determination letter," EEOC said Young belongs to a class of employees harassed and retaliated against by the department. She claims at least eight co-workers were harassed, too.

    The city was given 14 days to decide whether to propose terms for a "conciliation agreement" with the employees. Possible remedies include back pay and benefits, monetary damages and promotions.

    "We haven't yet decided whether or not we are going to accept the EEOC's offer," said Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the city's Law Department. If EEOC doesn't resolve the case out of court, it could sue the city in federal court.

    The EEOC letter did not provide details of the alleged harassment, but last year, Joseph Annunzio lost his supervisor's job with the department for using the n-word and other slurs. He allegedly called women "bitches," blacks "mambo," immigrants "f------ foreigners," and wore a tablecloth on his head at an office party while calling himself a title used by the Ku Klux Klan.

  • like father like son. just as his father gave orders shoot to kill now the son is asking the federal government to come and eradicate the gang problem. It is not a gang problem it is a race problem.

  • Portfolio Districts = Load of bullocks! Charter schools are part of the answer? These folks are paid to support the killing of public education as we know it. Clowns! United States Is Substantially Behind Other Nations in Providing Teacher Professional Development That Improves Student Learning; Report Identifies Practices that Work
    The world wide best practices by public schools who are successful means that charter schools are not necessary and a side show!

  • When the district fires teachers after 5 weeks of school and displaces students from their neighborhood schools then there need to be more than wishful pedagogical musings.

    The experiences of these countries, the report says,

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