Two Thirds Of State Students Suck At Math - Still


Most of the time, the Board of Education and the state board can say whatever they want about the schools and we pretty much have to take them at their word.  Once in a while, however, there is federal or national data that suggests what we're being told and how things look nationally. Yesterday's national math scores are a good example.

Just under two thirds of IL 4th graders aren't proficient in math. They show that in the US and Illinois, kids don't know what they need to know about math -- and aren't getting much better at it over the past two years.
Even if you don't give a whit about CPS or poor minority kids, these results should give you pause when you think about what we're being told by the city (which, using a different much easier test, gives a much higher number).   This is also why professional parents in Chicago don't care if a school reports 70 percent proficient.  They know the standard is watered down.

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  • ISBE for the longest time, under both Democratic and GOP leadership, has been dysfunctional at best! No leadership or support. CPS has always been dysfunctional.

    The question is really about how to develop strong professional communities in schools. BUILDING PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITIES.

    Folks, follow the lead of true high performing school districts and get to know what they are doing in terms of best practices versus what is done here in Illinois and especially in CPS! There are benchmarks we can used to judge the ACTIONS of CPS on how they support their schools and teachers to improve performance. ISBE and CPS can't hide behind the term "innovative"

    United States Is Substantially Behind Other Nations in Providing Teacher Professional Development That Improves Student Learning; Report Identifies Practices that Work

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