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Daley calls violence summit Sun Times
and about 15 to 20 others met Monday morning at Chicago Board of
Education headquarters. City Hall kept it quiet because the mayor
didn't want cameras, sources said.

Fenger kids tell why they fight Tribune
the violence is race-related such as a brawl last year at Foreman High
School on the Northwest Side. Sometimes it's gang-related such as
rivalries at Crane High School on the West Side. And sometimes, like
Fenger on the Far South Side, it's about neighborhoods -- the area by
the school called the "Ville" and Altgeld Gardens several miles to the

Are Chicago Public School Policies to Blame? The Skanner
September of 2005, CPS tried to mix Calumet and Chicago Vocational
students just for a few days when the power went out at Chicago
Vocational. On the first day there was one arrest and two
students disciplined after a big fight broke out in the school

CPS should consider alternate school idea Sun Times (commentary)
an interview with this page, schools CEO Ron Huberman rejected
Stewart's idea, saying research done this year by CPS on troubled high
schools points him in a different direction. Schools that successfully
create what he calls a "culture of calm" do so by dealing with
difficult students in-house, he said.

All-male schools a solution Dennis Byrne (commentary)
must learn from other men how to control their natural assertiveness,
aggression or whatever you want to call it. Sorry, women can't do it

Police search for girl with bipolar disorder Tribune
police issued a community alert this morning for a 16-year-old girl
diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder who has been missing since

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  • 20th chaos is starting. students know something is happening and teachers are not showing up. by end of the week and next it will be up for grabs in some schools.(mostly minority and at risk)

    we have 6 cuts

    alexander you should make a thread for people to post cuts per school

  • where is the meeting with duncan and holder? why is cps covering this up? nothing on its website at all about violence, not even condolences and reassurance to community that all is being done to prevent anymore incidents.

    what an amateur act. only problem is their mistakes hurt young lives and families.

  • here's a recollection from another chicagonow about conflicts between julian and MPHS students during the 1990s:


    no news yet on the duncan and holder events -- i''l let you know as soon as i can.

    / alexander

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