Tidbits, Rumors, Loose Ends: Chicago Schools

Tidbits, rumors, and loose ends:


-More layoffs Friday at 125 S. Clark St.?
-Gadfly Jerry Bracey died a few days ago.
-Lawsuits over SE clout in the works?
-Three CAO jobs still open
-Over 300 skuls could get appointed principals?
-Innovative union deal inked in New Haven.
-New HR person coming from Sears Co.?
-Broadie Monica Rosen heads principal support
-Nichole Pinkard moving from UofC to DePaul
-National Louis now working with AUSL
-David Pickens still at CPS -- assistant to M. Scott
-Anyone besides Bacillieri come out of UIC EdD?


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  • Teachers have a vote coming up on Friday October 30th. We can start by voting for the CORE folks Lois Ashford and Jay Rehak. It is time we clean up our union. The dead weight double dipper Marilyn Stewart should retire with some dignity herself.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Why not vote for the best candidates instead of the CORE candidates?

    IMO, Jay Rehak is the strongest candidate by far. Lois Ashford, OTOH, is the weakest. I was embarrassed for her during her "speech" at the October HOD meeting. She was the least knowledgeable of the six candidates who spoke.

    If you feel you must balance your vote for a white male with that of a black female, then Nancy Williams is far superior to Lois Ashford (even though she is tied to Marilyn Stewart's UPC).

    As for me, I'm voting for Rosemary Finnegan (who, with 4 years previously on the panel has the most experience of any of the candidates) along with Jay Rehak.

  • what is a skul?

    and there are plenty of people from UIC EdD serving as principals and APs. I think their rate is at least 90% in admin positions. Perhaps no one as successful as Bacillieri but he was also in their first cohort.

  • Successful as Bacillieri==please. What does he do? he got to south loop and kicked out all the poverty kids and guess what, scores went up. wow. then he got a gifted program and scores went up more wow. the community wanted him out so arne saved him. (all reported factually btw) Where are the ethics for UIC leaders? There are no ethics.
    and there are many from this program who are poor leaders out there. As of last year, the professors in this program had none or little or very very old CPS expirence. this program is no big deal.

  • indeed, UIC claims that 96 percent of its EDD graduates (not its enrollees) have been placed. now word on how many that is, or where they are, or how they've done. here's the link.

  • "skul" - Is it a short-hand for "school"?

  • anyone know what happened at harper the other day?

  • Another fight at Harper! even after Frymd got rid of all the bad teachers and kicked out all the bad students there!!! Donnie got rid of ALL te BAD TEACHERS AT FENGER and now look at what is happening! Ronnie--you have got to get Donnie out of the high schools. he does NOT know what he is doing!

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