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Don't these kids read the newspapers?

4 teens charged in Far South Side fight Tribune
teenagers were arrested this afternoon and charged for participating in
a street fight that stopped traffic in city's Washington Heights
community, police said.

Teens recommend ways to curb youth violence Tribune
23-page report releases findings of a survey conducted by 758 area
teens. Gang warfare topped the list as the biggest reason for teen
violence, chosen by 80.7 percent of survey respondents.

Fenger to Get U.S. Grant NBC

offering mostly generalities and bromides, Holder and Duncan said their
appearance, like some anti-violence road show, was the first of many in
cities across the nation.

Pasteur parents outraged Chicago Talks

Space is reserved for 100 Pasteur students, but Local School Council
members say this will offer only minimal relief.
Mares said the school board has not involved them in the process nor
reached out to them until after they made their final decision.

R. Kelly Reveals He Suffers From Illiteracy AOL
"The only reason I graduated from grammar school is because I had a great jump shot."

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  • Blood money. interesting how 500k can be found so fast in these tough economic times. Why would fenger need 500k? is not it a new school with new staff with new equipment? did not the planning of fenger incorporate budgets for counselors, coordinators and team leaders? Who did the planning for this school? they should be held accountable. Where is the data?

    Very Strange.

  • CPS Hires Ex-Cop to Look into Costly Theft

    Updated: Thursday, 08 Oct 2009, 8:32 AM CDT
    By Patrick Elwood, FOX Chicago News

    Chicago - A FOX Chicago News investigation has found that millions of dollars worth of equipment has been stolen from Chicago Public Schools.

    CPS documents show that from January 2006 until August 2009 crooks have been stealing just about anything that isn't nailed down -- computers, TV's, radios, DVD's, lawn mowers snow and leaf blowers, salt spreaders, and fishing equipment.

  • Interesting. IL State Rep. Monique Davis blames the teachers for youth violence. Radio interview (have to listen to intro before it starts):

    A snippet:

    Monique Davis: If you

  • Sorry Monique but at what point are the students or their parents held accountable for anything? We are teachers, not miracle workers. We see students for 6.15 hours per day. The rest of the time, they are at home with their parents. I am so tired of people blaming teachers for things that are out of our control. Perhaps,as alderman, maybe you can teach parenting classes or get out of your comfort zone and do something.

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