The Secret Huberman Plan: A $60 Million PowerPoint Presentation

Picture 28For all the breathless coverage that it's gotten, the $60M Huberman youth violence prevention plan remains secret. No one outside of the Board of Education has actually seen it.  There's no plan for the public, other districts, or outside experts to review. 

There is a Powerpoint presentation, all that the Board is releasing.  (

 it is - PDF.) It's pretty thin stuff, however.  No methods.  No real data.  No names of schools.  No budget. No implementation plan.  But why should they release any more, given how easy they're finding it is to get people to take them seriously?  No questions.  No outside experts.  I don't know why reporters and the public are putting up with this, given recent experience with the "trust us" approach to doing things. 

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  • Not surprised one bit. The farce that is CBOE continues...

  • This is the problem with Huberdata--there is never any implementation plane. We wait and wait and it just sits dead on the water. AND he raised class sizes and CAOs and his cronies salaries to do this. He did this on the backs of the students and teachers.

  • Before the 2006 school year, an average of 10-15 public school students were fatally shot each year. That soared to 24 deadly shootings in the 2006-07 school year, 23 deaths and 211 shootings in the 2007-08 school year and 34 deaths and 290 shootings last school year.

    Look at the stats(the real ones not the ones you create)

    You do know about correlation don't you huberman?

  • I can't emphasize how important it is that you keep asking questions about this Alexander. Huberman may love data but he doesn't understand it. The causal connections in that powerpoint are so outrageous I'm stunned. If they're spending $30 million to protect the kids on the list each year, how do they know they're getting the right kids? How sure are they that the right kids are on the list? How many of the wrong kids are on the list? Who made the model in the first place? Who's checked the model to ensure it's accurate and statistically sound?

  • No one did. Huberman makes up the stats as always, just like DeSpensa and the school closing data all proven invalid at each hearing and subjective to push privatization. As with everything Huberman has managed, he will make CPS worse than it is. Look at all the departments he has worked at. All are worse off when Huberman left and full of Daley patronage managers.

    the other night they had a CTA union rep on and he talked about when he started, there were about 5 managers in each department and when huberman left there were 20.

    Look at cps and count how many non-certified non-education (political patronage) managers and coordinators are now downtown. We are working to go through the position files, after the initial shock of million dollar positions to look for all the non-school staff that has been hired in the last year. Just preliminary figures show that Huberman has added 50 positions so far, but we are still going through each of the fifty thousand positions one by one. there will be a full(real)statistical analysis of where the money and jobs are going in CPS. It would be nice to see what he top earners get in relation to the amount of student contact they have. I just checked a job in the suburbs and they pay their veteran teachers more as time goes on; where on the other hand in Chicago tenure means fired.

    see you all friday!

    Displaced Technology Teacher

  • one of the targeted schools is LVLHS

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