Thanks To Everyone For Making D299 A Success

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A moment of sincere thanks to everyone who's helped make this site successful in its new home -- you, the readers (new and old) plus the ChicagoNow folks who brought me on (and are teaching me some new tricks).  The blog's been featured on the front page of ChicagoNow a couple of times, and I'm told it's on its way to being one of the most-read pages on the site. 

While most of the blogs on ChicagoNow are lighthearted stuff about lifestyle and sports, there are usually a few blog posts I can pick out that might be of interest.  Some of the latest include Voyagers museum educational program gets cut without a peep (Art Talk Chicago), Students worsen my commute (CTA Rider), Man sues DeVry for race discrimination (Chicago Bar Tender), and Where are the trifling parents in Roseland? (Garrard McLendon Live). 

Any other ChicagoNow blogs that you like?  Any others that you'd like to see included?  Let us know.  And thanks again.  I really appreciate it.

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  • What about that CHA girl?

  • Yeah! What about the CHA girl, Russo?

  • megan cottrell (aka CHA girl) is great -- I link to her all the time.

    she wrote that story about Avondale Montessori that you all liked so much earlier this month:

    here's her blog, called one story up

    question is, when did SHE last link to ME?
    i guess the feeling isn't mutual. (whimper)


  • Retired Principal said: Alexander, two suggestions- 1. Lose the log-in feature on this new blog. 2. Comments should be immediately posted on "Recent Comments"!

  • Yes, toss the log in. Ick.

  • I like the "Arresting Tales" blog (

  • Although I read this once before, those of you that are concerned about the log in, just open a free hotmail account. The address is and the process is really easy.
    Other services offer free email accounts too. Actually it is a good idea to have a second email account. You would be surprised how often it comes in handy.
    Then you can make up a name and use your hotmail account to verify your login status.
    It seems like some of the old favorites have not yet signed up for the new blog.

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