Swine Flu Closings, Teen Pregnancy, Bus Service, Etc.

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Groups Plans to Tackle Teen Pregnancy in CPS WBEZ

Public Schools doesn't keep track of how many of its students are
pregnant. Fourteen percent of babies born in Chicago are from teen
moms. In neighborhood high schools like Robeson, pregnancies contribute
to the high drop-out rate.

Rash Of Sick Students Shuts Down St. Athanasius School CBS2

Athanasius School, at 2510 Ashland Ave. in Evanston, was closed on
Friday and remained closed on Monday due to an increasing rate of
student absences, many with flulike symptoms.

St. Charles East High reopens after H1N1 scare Beacon News
Charles East High School opened Monday after closing last week when 972
students called in sick, fueling fears of an H1N1 virus threat.

'Little Buddy' GPS device keeps tabs on your kid Tribune
Buy is selling a transmitting device that lets parents keep track of
their children. Parents can place the device in a child's backpack or
lunch box, for example.

Students' vehicle sticker design entries due Friday Tribune
The deadline for Chicago high school students to enter the annual Vehicle Sticker Art Design Contest is Friday.

Tentative school bus deal struck in western suburbs Tribune
buses in three west suburban districts will continue as normal for now,
thanks to a tentative contract agreement reached today between
representatives of the drivers and First Student bus company.

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  • RE: the teen pregnancy story... It occurred to me that no one has mentioned the fact that schools like Tesla, Arts of Living, and Bousfield (yeah, I'm old) which used to provide services to teen moms no longer exist. So all of those students are now back in the neighborhood schools. And I'm sure Robeson is not unique among schools in the proportion of pregnant girls enrolled.

    (By the way, I was amused by principal Morrow's implication, in the original TV story, that he knew exactly how many pregnant girls were enrolled at his school. My guess would be that there are probably quite a few more he doesn't know about yet....)

  • Will this new CPS medical director, or whatever the title is, address this issue?

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