Schurz Econ Teacher Wins IL Teacher Of The Year


From the Tribune:  A 34 year-old Chicago high school teacher who coaches the debate team was named Illinois teacher of the year tonight. Kevin Rutter, an economics teacher at Carl Schurz High School on the Northwest Side, was chosen by a panel of educators from among 10 finalists, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

"I can't believe I won because I'm kind of young and haven't been in the profession that long," said Rutter, 34, of Chicago. "There were lots of very experienced teachers that I was up against."

In her nominating letter, Schurz Principal Mary Ann Folino said Rutter challenges his students with lectures that are relevant to current events and popular culture, using best sellers such as "Freakonomics" in his lessons.

"He also practices what he preaches, telling students that he doesn't own a car because cars depreciate, making them bad investments," Folino said.


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  • Congrats to him. I admire him for not having a car due to depreciation; I like a teacher that can walk his talk. :)

  • here's the sun times story about him,CST-FIN-teacher26.article

    / alexander

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