Schools Newcomer Has Controversial Past


Josh Edelman, recently let go
as head of new schools for Chicago, is apparently already back in
Washington working for Michelle Rhee.

Meanwhile, hard-charging Leigh McGuinan is headed to Chicago from her post in Cleveland, where she lasted less than a year.  Before that, McGuinan worked for a time as Director of Strategic Planning for Human Resources. 

It's not hard to get a sense of what McGuinan is all about.  She blogged for a week this summer as part of Democrats for Education Reform, a pro-charter PAC. And as of this weekend she still had her own blog posted publicly, including background on her education vision.  Her experience revamping NYC's principal recruitment and selection process will be interesting to all of you Type 75s out there.  (What a good name for a blog that would be, Type 75.) Alas for all you haters out there, she has an education degree along with her JD. 


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  • confirmed from dc -- edelman is now head of the Office of School Innovation for michelle rhee

    / alexander

  • Another example continued administrative patronage hiring while classroom teachers are cut and students are without the resources they need to be successful. Just eliminate a position and promote the next in line (deputy). Any organization that is in a deficit would never continue hiring new people especially outside of the system. The normal operating procedures in a deficit situation is to freeze all hiring and if there is an opening through retirement, leaving the system or death then the position is usually filled from within the organization and the lower position is then closed until the budget stabilizes and new people can again be hired.

    Cleveland? Isn

  • Ron ran 911. Ron ran CTA. Ron is running CPS INTO the burial ground! He does not know what he is doing and proves it EACH day! (Still hiring key no-nothing people. Lying about the budget.) Now kids cannot even get to school without being killed. And Daley is not mayor enough (nor does he care with the loss of his beloved Olympics) to let this non-performer go. Stop mourning the olympics mayor and get your act together. you wanted the schools and you got them--all the power, all the $ and now all the death. And the guy you selected is screwing it up with his daily choices. Fine if you do not want to run again, but YOU MUST correct this mistake now. You know mayor, this is your grandchildrens' future too or will they run away from chicago as fast as they can? Your legacy mayor? Stop making it up in your head and get to it now. This is it!

  • Ha! Suspected Edelman would make a beeline straight for D.C.

  • The public has to know now that these pro-charter charlatans can't keep or get real jobs. Clowns!
    The lack of transparency is astounding! Ironic that Pro-charter pundits who strongly espouse accountability of government and public institutions have yet to call the Chicago Public Schools on the LACK of transparency on how the New Schools Department is run.

    Read the key technical document on what school districts should be doing NO B.S.

  • update / correction: i'm hearing from CPS that mcguinan is NOT heading ONS but is doing high school portfolio work for huberman instead.

    she was head of ONS in cleveland, and i think i made the assumption she was going to do that same job here. it wasn't until today that someone from CPS that this wasn't the case. apologies.

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