School News Roundup: Funding, Fenger, Fingers

Some question future of stimulus-funded anti-violence programs.Medill
"Most second grade teachers can identify those students who are 'at
risk for violence," said Trump. "The problem has always been, what do
you do once they're identified?"

Daley wants to spend $370M from parking deal fund Tribune
Richard M. Daley leaves the council chambers after he addressed the
City Council today and presented his 2010 budget.


Alternative Schools Provide a Second Chance to Dropouts WBEZ
Sarah Karp of Catalyst Chicago magazine tells us about changes to alternative schools in Chicago.

Chicago offers H1N1 vaccine free for those at highest risk Sun Times
Saturday, the Chicago Department of Public Health will begin offering
free H1N1 flu vaccinations at six City Colleges of Chicago locations to
those most at risk for serious infections.

Boy found after sleepwalking to school in middle of the night Sun Times
A 5-year-old St. Charles boy is safe at home after apparently sleepwalking to his elementary school in the middle of the night.

Boy's finger lost on CPS fence, mother claims in suit Tribune
A woman is suing the Chicago Board of Education after her 8-year-old son lost a finger while playing
Sept. 14 on a fence around trash bins at the George Manierre School,
1420 N. Hudson Ave.

Report of teen with gun locks down Waukegan HS Tribune
Waukegan High School's Washington Street Campus was put on lockdown this
afternoon after a report that a 15-year-old boy had a gun, officials

Group's Thursday forum seeks input on school funding gap Medill
representative from the Chicago Urban League and Lisa Scruggs of Jenner
& Block, the lead law firm handling the case, will be speaking
about the background, basis and implications of the issue.

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  • So, what should Marcus do?,0,2862257.story

  • More murder of kids:

  • Fenger, again: 5 students arrested after fights break out at Fenger High / October 22, 2009 6:19 PM

  • Hey DataHuber read some studies on violence and urban youth maybe your clownass will figure out that what you and king daley are doing is making the matters worse with your policies. You can not crony your way out of this it is a real human problem not trains or buses.

    Are We Missing the Forest for the Trees? Considering the Social Context of School Violence
    This paper argues that we have neglected an important consideration in our approach to school violence, namely that of the social context of the school. The interaction between the social contexts of schools, children's developmental capacities, and the resultant sense of school community is implicated in problems of violence in American schools. Children prone to violence are disadvantaged in their ability to participate meaningfully in the community of the school, thus impeding an important avenue for prevention and intervention. Consideration of these issues and recommendations for practice are made.

    Violence Exposure, Trauma, and IQ and/or Reading Deficits Among Urban Children
    Conclusion In this study, exposure to violence and trauma-related distress in young children were associated with substantial decrements in IQ and reading achievement.

    Assessing Exposure to Violence in Urban Youth
    This study reports on the development of a structured interview, My Exposure to Violence (My ETV), that was designed to assess child and youth exposure to violence. Eighty participants between the ages of 9 and 24 were assessed. Data from My ETV were fit to a Rasch model for rating scales, a technique that generates interval level measures and allows the characterization of both chronic and acute exposure. Results indicated that the fit statistics for six scales, covering both lifetime and past year victimization, witnessing of violence, and total exposure, were all good. These scales were found to have high internal consistency (r=.68 to .93) and test

  • Huberman is endangering staff and students by covering up violence in many of school this week.

    john kugler
    government employee
    Article 44-9
    And the e-mails are alive with accounts of the west side going up with upwards of 75 "students" being arrested at Manley, Orr, Marshall, Crane and Farragut High Schools the past week. Where's the media coverage of high schools being nothing but gang factories and recruitment centers?

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