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    • Don Frymd has got to go! This is his doing and he did not know what he was doing--take him out of fenger--he has proven he does not belong there. he has lost parent and student respect and deserves too!

    • Do I believe that a "health czar" will help CPS students? I wish I did. - Like, make sure a nurse is available for students with chronic medical needs (I'm thinking of some students with disabilities). Etc.

      "Chicago schools to create medical officer post"

      Chicago Public Schools officials plan to appoint a chief medical officer, a new cabinet level position that will oversee efforts to improve students' health.

      The health czar will report directly to Ron Huberman, the schools' chief executive officer, and will work closely with the Chicago Department of Public Health.

      The job calls for coordinating all health-related activities in the schools, currently spread among various departments.


    • McGuigan is out of her element--she is brash and unschooled in ANY kind of urban educational environment. (Ohio was glad she left). CPS has to stop giving people like Huberman and his cohorts a 'chance' and get in those who have proven the change in our schools. They don't get it and any one Ron hires will not get it either. They are in over their heads and Daley would rather see more teen violence even within the schools, rather than call a defeat with his appointment of Huberman. We all lose because of this, because of Daley

    • Ron is NOT doing the job here. Where is the plan? where is the organization? Innocent students are being killed now, today, tomorrow--he has been with CPS for over 9 months. He has a plan? how does the plan help the innocent students being shot and beaten up? Hdata can identify these student who will be/are heading for to jail--wow--great data? (Teachers and school leaders can tell by 4th grade!) The killing is still happening. The fighting still happening and NOW IN THE SCHOOL buildings! Ron's secret plan? Where is it? Why did you not use your secret plan when you were at 911 and working with CPD?! Get it togther Ron--step up here Ron. It is not about the test scores Ron. Your data is not working--

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