Now Mayor Daley Has His OWN Violence Prevention Plan

This is vintage Mayor Daley -- adding his own plans to the plans already proposed by underlings and others. 

Daley offers new police patrols at schools, CTA stops
Mayor Richard Daley today
unveiled some new anti-youth violence proposals and reintroduced some
old ones in the wake of a fatal beating of a Fenger High School student
last month..

Daley Pledges More Police and Programs for Youth Violence WBEZ

says he'll increase police presence at schools during dismissal and is
pledging $1 million from the city's parking meter lease for youth jobs. Meanwhile, police superintendent Jody Weis says the number of child killings is down significantly from last year.

We can't give up on the kids Sun Times (Mark Brown)
"Well, we have to work with parents," Duncan answered. "But at the
end of the day, we have to save our children. And if we have parents
who can help, we want to support them. . . . But at the end of the day,
we need to save our children. And our children are asking for help."

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  • until street gangs are eliminated completely as was hitler and other merciless killers, you will never have peace and safe streets in chicago and america. you cannot negotiate with killers and terrorists it did not work with hitker and the gangs do not care about words they only understand power. education is not something that gangs care about or jobs either because they have a completly differbt mindset than does the aclu and other armchair social scientists.

  • Not that I don't agree that gangs are a scourge, but in the Derrion Albert case, there doesn't seem to have been a gang connection.

    I did a double take though, when Mark Brown mentioned Yummy Sandifer as a victim. He was a victim, but before that he was an alleged killer. I don't remember the city being up in arms about his death.

  • Chicago does not have the most violent schools, DC does. But there are over 1700 kids in the district shielded from the violence because they are part of a school voucher program. Guess how many of their parents like the program: 100%. Guess how much is costs: 50% of the failed and dangerous public schools. The congress just authorized an extension because of immense grass roots pressure from the inner city of DC. If you throw more money at a failed system it's still failed. At some point you have to just grade the idea's that the power structure in Chicago have as a bad idea. Guess who won't even entertain the idea of improvements through vouchers: Chicago. The irony of it all is the shining example of a poor student in a failed school system that caught a break, went to a private school, and made something of himself: Obama.

  • Mounted police officers for school dismissal time? Wow.,_Daley_says

    Make sure to look at Rod Estvan's comment to that story.

  • Daley's list of solutions:,mayor-daley-fenger-violence-100909.article

  • remember shoot to kill. looks like same problem solving skills at work here. is that what they are going to in the next fight that breaks out? are northside schools going to have mounted police? How many northside schools have had their students murdered in the past five years? any person who suggests mounted police to guard students seems a little extreme for this situation for what is in essence an educational issue. How is that improving a school or helping students become positive citizens when they see riot equipped(mounted police) reminds me of the documentary i watched last night on Independent Lens.

    The Chicago 10

    History repeats itself.

  • pictures of the future of cps schools

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