New: School-By-School Incident Report Data

Here is the previously-unreleased incident report data that Catalyst's Sarah Karp first wrote about on Wednesday, showing that "violent incidents inside or on the grounds of Chicago's high schools rose by almost 20 percent." 
Catalyst is doing some sort of fancy analysis of the data, but meantime I thought that some of you might want to see the data for yourselves and check what the numbers look like for your schools.  You can download the spreadhsheet here:
HS Code of Conduct aggregates 20090917 2006-2009.xlsx


Have fun.  But remember:  Interpret with caution. School size, demographics, definitional issues, data gaps, and changes in reporting practices all affect the numbers. For example, the sort I did of schools below based on 0809 incidents is probably meaningless or misleading or both. 
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  • Does this data include charters? If not, why not?

  • where is the file?

  • here you go:

  • got it thanks.

  • many schools are having serious problems with violence: 43 percent saw increases in the rate of serious misconduct last year.


  • These are NOT all of the misconduct numbers. IMPACT is a real problem and many schools are forced to create misconducts on paper since this system is problematic and incredibly time consuming--it looses your data too. Paper misconducts are not reported here.
    So guess what--the numbers are actually higher. CPS will deny it, but IMPACT does has a negative impact on misconduct reporting.
    Shame that the numbers should be even higher...

  • What a system--it is in alpha order by the school's first name. Gee, I should know to use Christian to find fenger. or that david is farragut. What is wrong with the IT people at CPS? Are they nuts?

  • The public and reporters ought to really shame CPS into ceasing this obnoxious practice of releasing data with the full name of the school. It defeats the entire purpose of releasing public information. Imagine if the CTA bus tracker forced you to search for your bus route according to the last number..."Looking for the #49 Western Avenue bus? That's listed under the number 9".

    The data warehouse within CPS has a "long name" and "short name" column for all public schools so that "Theodore Roosevelt High School" can also be presented as "Roosevelt HS". Why they don't use the short name when releasing data is confusing. It's not people trying to obfuscate anything. It's something else. Laziness, carelessness, something.

    It happens within CPS all of the time and it should stop.

  • here's the governing policy document describing how schools are supposed to categorize and record incidents -- not sure that it's really followed but just in case:

    agreed about the data file -- the first name alphabetization plus the multiple lines for each school -- yuk.

    / alexander

  • Data flunky huberman. did you see the story about the calender misprinting? what a joke. this guy is the worst so far. no wonder he could not keep a job and king daley has to shuffle him from job to job.§ion=Article

  • The funny thing about the names is that IMPACT can only handle a school having one name, no nicknames or short names allowed. That's why they're like that. Data dumps from IMPACT use the full name - otherwise some analyst has to spend their time merging in the short school names. Not all that time consuming for a single request - but when you're processing hundreds of requests...I'm thinking that's not nessarily a good use of my taxpayer dollars. Surely people can get used to the full school name. It's not that bad.

  • oh yes it is--especially in a child emergency when you know the student only goes to let's say one of the smith schools, or one of the jackson schools, or one of the Davis schools. Go ahead, do a find on these and see how many hits you get, but do it by first name!
    AND guess what, the old student information system (from the 1980s btw) gave you the school names by LAST name. This is BS and should be a investigated. Not that bad?--please! Let's place the city's street names in order by the persons first name! So king, by Martin, and wacker by charles, and hubbard by guron--yes, gurdon.

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