Murky Fenger Story Gets White House Attention

Violence, tension had been building over years Trbiune
said additional patrols were sent to the school, including 10 police
officers and one sergeant from a special unit. But the fight erupted
five or six blocks from Fenger, in an area that was not getting special
attention, police said.

Call for calm, donations in wake of Fenger student's death Tribune
More than 100 parents attended the meeting, personally posing questions
to Huberman, Fenger Principal Elizabeth Dozier and Chicago police Cmdr.
Michael Kuemmeth.

Eye-Opening Seminar Exposes North Side Gangbanging Lake Effect News

In a packed auditorium at Swedish Covenant Hospital, a North Side
audience snacked on chocolate Macadamia nut cookies donated by a local
Costco and got a few lessons in gangbanging

Fenger High School Parents Wrestle With Student's Killing

Days after the mob beating of 16-year-old student Derrion Albert, parents and community members continue to grapple with his killing.

Obama Will Address Derrion Albert's Death NBC Chicago

is not just a Chicago specific problem, obviously youth crime and gang
violence are something that this administration takes seriously and
we'll have more on that soon," Gibbs said at his daily press briefing.

White House reacts to Derrion Albert beating video AP

The White House on Wednesday said cell phone video showing the fatal
beating of 16-year-old honors student Derrion Albert is "chilling."


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