Most Insufferable Prep School Alumni (& Parents): Lab, Parker, Or Latin?


A column in Chicago Magazine states:

"Most Labbies are insufferable about their affiliation with Hyde Park's
legendary private school, constantly reminding the rest of us that
they're smarter and more confident and better connected than we are."
(The Lab Mystique)

And indeed, it's objectively true.  Especially during the current moment in history, when the school boasts all sorts of political connections.  Completely insufferable.

But I'm not sure that Labbies are the worst of all when it comes to insufferable private school alums and parents -- at least not over time.  For example, everyone knows that Latin alums and parents are (most of them) complete jerks.  And Parker?  Well, there's a reason that school experienced one of the city's first swine flu outbreaks.  Parker alums and parents are the worst of all.


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  • Read the article on the last page of the new Chicago Magazine. A "Lab Dad" bit. Man oh man, it's drippingly smug. Really horrible. Wonder what their parent association meetings are like.

  • not just the parent association meetings -- the board meetings, the pickup line after school.

  • They can run, but they cannot hide. These private children are so socially unprepared and inept at dealing with humans. Sad their parents repeat this negative trend, but it is in the DNA. They could try to break the cycle, but... to this day, still surprised how the elite AA private parents snub even the most sweet, well-behaved poised and smart, middle class AA children who get into these schools.

  • Bet those snubs play out at the city's SE high schools, too. So much for integration.

  • I have to completely disagree. Parker is far from the worst. I am lucky enough to know many kids who attend all three of those schools and through them, their parents. You want stuck up "snuby" parents whose negative trend DNA kill their social empathies? Good luck. You may only find a handful at Latin, but otherwise, that is it. Yes, parents at these schools are bound to be successful, and with it comes a sense of pride which most of the time they are certainly entitled to.

    And district reader, these kids, these socially inept kids are doing things so unbelievably socially aware and outstanding it would make your head spin. Especially at Parker and Latin. Both emphasize such a critical thinking environment that only other schools only dream of. I can assure you that the significant issues plaguing Chicago today are always brought to the attention of the kids, by their own willingness and desire to help and learn. How dare you insult kids who have done nothing but good through their schools.

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