Morning School News Roundup

A slew of stories from the past couple of days:

Daley: Take time to mentor a child WBBM

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman continues to lobby law makers,
and admits the millions that was contributed to the program last year
will not be allowed this year due to budget constraints.

Budget shortfall slashes CPS after-school tutoring

Public Schools officials say they're drastically cutting after-school
tutoring because of a budget shortfall.
District officials say only 32,000 of an estimated 72,000 students from
kindergarten through 12th grade who signed up for federally...

Money No Longer a Motivator for CPS Students

Chicago Talks
A controversial program that paid over $2 million to students for
good grades has been quietly scrapped due to lack of funding, said
Michael Scott, president of the Chicago Board of Education.

Swine flu: Palatine children will be among the first to get free H1N1 vaccine Tribune
Students in the district's schools in Rolling Meadows and Hoffman Estates will be offered vaccinations later in the year. The Chicago Health Department said ...

Why they fight at Fenger
Tribune (letter to the editor)

This tension has been going on for a very long time. But every year,
many of us noticed that the feuding escalated.

4 charged after teen girl hurt in Roseland melee Tribune

A man who answered the phone at a nearby store said the fight broke
out at about 9 a.m., just as he was opening up shop. He said the 20 to
25 people--largely teenagers--involved were punching each other and
wielding bottles and bats.

CPS opens 6th Military Academy High School WGN

Chicago Public Schools system opened its 6th, military academy high
school Friday morning. The school's located at 14th and Throop. Mayor
Daley, and representatives from the U.S. Air Force, Air Force JROTIC,
and other city leaders were on-hand

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  • murder charges dropped against one alleged fenger assailant

    meantime, sounds like fenger parents and rev jackson are not yet satisfied with the
    plan that was floated last week re carver

  • Home girl calls for new leaders in schools:

  • Michelle says: "But the reality is that with each passing year, we are losing more and more of our most experienced teachers. More than half of our nation's teachers and principals are baby boomers. And in the next four years, as many as one third of America's 3.2 million teachers could retire. The U.S. Department of Education projects that by 2014, just five short years from now, our nation's schools will hire as many as 1 million new teachers. And the challenge to our schools is not just an overall teacher shortage but a shortage of good teachers in the schools where they are most essential: high-need schools that face some of the most daunting obstacles but have students with so much potential."

    Oh, that's rich.

  • Reverse commute: North Shore activists tour Fenger for school funding lesson (October 19, 2009 8:13 PM)

  • Charges dropped for one in Fenger case.

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