"Meatless Mondays:" Controversy...Or Nontroversy?

To save costs and help fight obesity, a couple of urban districts are experimenting with making one day of the week vegetarian.  The idea hasn't been proposed in Chicago -- yet -- but if it is suggested don't be surprised if there's some pushback against the idea.  Some critics worry about kids not getting enough protein, or about schools pushing a "liberal" vegetarian agenda.  CNN anchor Lou Dobbs complained about it in this segment, titled School Food Police.


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  • Parents that complain about the food that the schools provide should take a close look in the mirror to see who is ultimately responsible for feeding their children.

    Whatever happened to parents making sack lunches for their kids? I'll never accept "I'm too busy to make lunches" as an excuse because the solution to that is teaching your kids how to make their own lunches (a useful life skill all kids should learn as early as possible). An average 5 year old is smart enough to learn how to make and pack a PB&J or bologna sandwich.

    Frankly, I'm glad some districts are trying to fix childhood obesity problems by addressing issues that parents are too lazy to deal with themselves.

  • I agree with the previous posts. It's factual that people who have a vegetable based diet are healthier than their counterparts who have a meat based diet. It's really sad that there are people who think that this issue is a political one. This is not a matter of individual liberty. Those who want to paint it that way really have to reevaluate their priorities because they are allowing their political ideals to come before the wellness of their own children.

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