Lottery Schools Application Countdown

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You probably already know that it's just about a month until applications are due for selective enrollment schools -- Chicago's hardest-to-get-into elite academic schools.  Parents (and SE educators) have good reason to be worried this year more than most.  These schools are some of them as hard or harder to get into than an Ivy League college.  The economy remains rough enough that moving, or private school, isn't viable for a lot of families. The whole admissions operation is working under a cloud of clout that has yet to be cleared out.  Oh, and the Board doesn't yet know WTF it's doing now that race is no longer going to be an explicit factor in determining admissions.  
So I'll be gathering updates and new information to keep everyone as informed as possible.  If you've got any thoughts or new information, feel free to share them too.

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  • I think that the time CPS is taking to revise its magnet and selective schools admissions system could be time well spent. The last thing CPS needs is to set up another process that will eventually be over turned by a court.

    Hopefully CPS can come up with something that allows some poor minority students to get a break for the selective schools, and north side magnets without creating a basis for a reverse discrimination case by white families of high scoring students. This is a very scary balancing act CPS has to carry out and most likely to one degree or another poor minority students will end up being the losers.

    Rod Estvan

  • Rod- I agree, and it is unfortunate. I hope CPS schools will "Do the right thing" and find a way to balance the point system with diversity goals. Not holding my breath, though

  • Does anyone have any idea of how many white families apply to the south side selective enrollment high schools as opposed to how many minority families apply to the "northside" (quotes because I'm including Jones and WY in this group)?

  • The CPS process will be about keeping the middle and upper classes in Chicago--the biggest tax payers--mostly middle class into the selective enrollment schools. As demonstrated too many times: trust not academic enhancement or whatever name they will call it.

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