Just Six Percent Of Kids Sent To Better Schools


Big news.  Closing schools -- a big part of "Renaissance 2010" -- doesn't work as it's been done.  A new study of the Duncan-era practice of closing failing schools finds that too few students were sent to substantially better schools after their original schools closed:

Chicago School Closings Show Little Academic Gain EdWeek

Most students were sent to low-performing schools like those they left, and performed no better in their new ones, a study finds.

Chicago school closings' impact minimal, report finds Tribune

Chicago Public Schools began closing schools for poor performance and
low-enrollment back in 2001, it ignited a fire that has never quite
stopped roaring.

CPS School Closings Neither Help Nor Hurt Learning WBEZ
A study out today finds that CPS's practice of shutting down schools has not helped the vast majority of kids academically.

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  • Trib says they tracked the kids for three years based on their Iowa scores. I thought CPS stopped using the Iowa tests right after Duncan came

  • good question -- here's a link to the study itself --
    maybe some good information about how the study was conducted.

    my question is were there any better schools that kids could have been sent to, and if they had gone to better schools what would the impact have been on the schools?

  • Alexander: that assumes that CPS WANTS to send these poor performing students to better performing schools. They don't.
    Guess what? The parents and LSCs at the much better performing schools do NOT want these children in their schools either.

  • Also, MANY students pushed out of the closed schools get lost--they never appear again in ANY school--they disappear or are homeless or just stay home since the parent does not know where to send them, or is afraid for them to go to the new school or is just too defeated. (Some of these poor students are on their 3rd-4th closed school in 4 years!) Some students do not even come back to a 'new' school, aftet their school has closed for over a year! They have lost the support of that home/original school that has just been closed.
    Did this study able include this statisitic-this data? How would they even have been able to find these suffering children?
    REN 10 has even caused MORE harm than reported here!

  • Dear Ms. Steans:
    What city do you live in?
    "The quality of the school a kid attends matters," said Robin Steans, "Obviously the focus and drive to make sure these kids ended up in better placements fell short."
    No charter schools wants these kids! They refuse to take them and when a parent tries to get them in, the charter school refuses to accept them. It is time for you to wake up.

  • The study probably used Iowas because ISATs are crap. Iowas at least stand up.

  • How about more time in those school? http://chicagopublicradio.org/Event_Detail.aspx?eventID=1580 2009

    Chicago Schools Policy Luncheon Series:

  • There is an equal need for a longer instructional day and CPS support to build strong professional communities in all schools. That means real time built within the week for dedicated collaborative time to evaluate practice and look at student work. Staff development needs to be upgraded and ongoing. CPS has no clue. If any of you have time... read and download the following report. Pass it on to Huberman and company!

    United States Is Substantially Behind Other Nations in Providing Teacher Professional Development That Improves Student Learning; Report Identifies Practices that Work


  • @Vinisiusdm How about pulling items you like from that report that you believe would fly in Chicago and featuring them here. Readers have already been directed to the source for a while now.

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