Huberman's Secret Salary Power Grab

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Little noticed on the September board meeting agenda was a proposal that -- if it had passed -- would have shifted power dramatically from the Board members, whose work is (somewhat) conducted in public, to the CEO's Office, whose work is conducted (largely) in private.  And it would have let Huberman give big raises to his new hires -- more of whom get announced every day -- without revealing it to the Board or the public.  Did the proposal slip through on Wednesday?  Click below for the details, and share your thoughts in the comments.

It looked mundane as listed on the Board agenda before the meeting: "09-0923-RU1:  Amend Board Rule 4-1 Delegation of Authority and Reporting to the Board."  But the item was withdrawn, an unusual occurrence.   It was rebuffed, I'm told, by Board members in closed session at the September meeting because it wasn't nearly as innocuous (PDF) as it was designed to look.  
In fact, it would allow Huberman to hire and give raises to pretty much anyone he wanted, without reporting any real details to the Board -- during a time when so many are being laid off or looking for work.Here's an excerpt that gives you a sense of the full sweep of the Huberman proposal:
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That's right.  All personnel powers to Huberman except those few specifically reserved for the Board, and an end to reports of salary increases over 10 percent.  Hmmm.  I wonder what happens when those reports go away.  Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.  
And -- though I don't see the item listed on the October board agenda -- I'm told that a version of the proposal may have gone through on Wednesday.  


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  • Great catch Alexander. I cannot believe Pat Rocks Law or Michael Scott wopuld allow this. This is dead wrong to give Huberman this power--what an ego. The law department works for the Board NOT Huberman, and is a balance FOR Ronnie, but word is that Ronnie wants to cut the 7th floor lawyers REAL bad--he wants to be a dicktater.

  • rocks was the author.

  • here's an excerpt from kugler's post from a few minutes ago:

    looks like huberman wanted to remove all oversight over his personal hiring even the reporting of salary increases: it would have been suppressed into a summary.

    True Dictatorship: when any and all public oversight is attempted to be

    John Kugler
    Displaced Government Employee

    Commenter name: kugler

  • Then Rocks did this to save lawyers in the department.
    I just do not get this. I cannot beleive the old man would allow ron these raises and this kind of power. Daley must really be giving up and/or Ronis as close to a son in government he is going to get. completely bafled.

  • this type of move is predictable before an election cycle to be able to load up the patronage jobs and start the kickbacks for campaign contributions.

    reminds me of another wonderful public servant gone wild

  • It appears CPS has its own version of Chainsaw Al Dunlap-turnaround specialist. Employ ruthless downsizing tactics and be lauded for improving the bottomline. Wait for the massive accounting scandal to bring the house down.

  • CPS is a mess.....Huberman f'd over the CTA and now he is doing his 'magic' at CPS...the folks who actually do the work at the schools are told to do more with less while he hires in his cronies to cushy jobs....

  • IMPEACH Daley NOW!

  • Why does Huberman want to hide info on who he hires? Coward!!!

  • How can it be stopped?

  • Impeach mayor daley! If voting citizens of chicago refuse to take action, we get what we asked for because we elected these idiots. We are their slaves! Think-daley asking for 24 furlough days and huberman giving his people big raises. It is all so wrong.

  • Wow! With all the talk of accountability in education, why would one of it's biggest proponents NOT want to be held accountable. It's time to turn the tables on these guys and start holding them accountable for every action, every decision and every dollar. Full and complete published audits of CPS income and expenditures is what Huberman and the Board should be focused on. Stopping the expansion of illegal charter schools is what Huberman and the Board should be focused on. Ensuring that every student across the state that is held to the same standard is also provided the same resources is what Huberman and the Board should be focused on. Turning struggling neighborhood schools into focal points for community change rather than reconstituting them into breeding grounds for gang violence should be the focus of Huberman and the Board. Remind your neighbors that these people govern us by our consent. When they fail to ensure our rights to a community free of crime and drugs and equal resources with which to educate our children, it is our responsibility to change our government.

  • Correction on last sentence. "When they fail to ensure our rights to a community free of crime and drugs and our rights to schools equally resourced with that of the best resourced schools in the state, it is our responsibility to change our government." Hmm, can we get an edit after post function on this. ha ha.

  • is launching a petition drive to reduce the number of aldermen with a referendum on the next ballot. Check it out and ciruclate a petition. Lets scare the hell out of the hall.

    Print them out, hand them out. Then we can throw them out of office.

  • The schools are the most corrupt gang of thieves in the city.
    Their budget should be slashed in half, and don't tell me i'm hurting the children, huberman and friends may act like children,but they're not.

  • cps says that the proposal was NOT reintroduced or passed last week, so this was a close call rather than something that actually got through. kudos to the board members who objected and the insiders who told me about this amazing, cheney-like move on huberman's part.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    good work alexander.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    the grifters reference is so accurate. makes my skin crawl. I like the idea of reducing the number of aldermen-petition above.
    I have downloaded it and am sending to all my voting chicago friends, who will send it to their voting chicagofriends and so on. It may not reach huberman or the Board immediately, but the aldermen will be on notice that we are sick of them letting Daley be the slave master.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    For teachers we have the union vote coming up soon early next year. It is time for a real change, lets kick out Marilyn and her grifters as well! It is time for all teachers of all races to get together and do something positive and take control of our union by kicking out the despotic Marilyn Stewart.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Out with Marilyn. Teachers spread the word!

  • Alexander, thanks for keeping up on this. I still say that Huberman and his clan are grifters. Anyone can prove differently!!!

  • I was thinking that Huberman had visions of becoming Stroger or Daley!!!

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