How's It Going (At School, In Class, At The Office)?


There are lots of other posts and comments below about hot button issues like the violence at Fenger, Marilyn Stewart's ideas for starting a new kind of schools, etc.  This is the place to share whatever else might be on your mind -- how the school year's going so far, issues that the media and the blog are missing, how the week went for you, what you think is important in the world of schools, teachers, parents, and kids. 

It doesn't have to be anything big to be interesting to the rest of us.  My update, for what it's worth, is that I had some really good conversations with Chicago education folks. It's always good to catch up, to get a fresh perspective, and to learn new things.  I'll be posting about those in the upcoming week.  I also got a copy from CPS of the Huberman school safety PowerPoint that I hadn't seen before, which I'll share too.  OK.  Your turn. 


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  • Retired Principal: Alexander, you should eliminate the log-in feature of this new blog!

  • thanks, rp -
    i appreciate your patience and the comment.
    they're working on getting rid of the log-in.
    meantime, your browser should "remember" you when you come back,
    assuming you're using the same computer most of the time.
    / alexander

  • cuts next week

    20th day

    you all know there have been hundreds of subs as teachers for the last month that will be now cut and students will be back to square one after 5 weeks of class.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    Why don't we have small classrooms in neighborhood schools as being the norm. Why are Charter schools only allowed small class sizes? Why the tale of two cities?

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    Retired Principal said: What ever happen to George Schmidt?

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    George stated at the last 299 host that he would not come here since the host is the Tribune. [AR-I typed more here, but this site still knocks me off mid-comment. This has happenind a few times the past week.]
    That said--hey trib: Daley put Ron in CPS so Ron would not get punished now with the Motorola scandal. So daley saved Ron from being punished. (How CPS is NOT the city... Daley signs our check, y'all.) The Trib should be calling for action on this--did the trib even cover this? The article in the SunTimes Friday was a good one. Ron had to let go a CAO he recently selected because of school district illegalities, small when compared to $2.5 mil with Motorola (Motorola resisted the fakery btw.) yet, Ron and the person he brought with him to CPS has no punishment. And they go after principals and others for so much less. So Trib, not that I am channeling george (could not even begin that) where is the editorial for this corruption? Where is the call for Ron's girl to be fired for her guilt in this scandel? Why do the dedicated and honest workers of CPS have to tollerate this?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    I hear you brother

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    Retired Principal said: This site won't be the same without George Schmidt! Where is Rod?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    not to worry.
    they're here.
    i can feel it.
    plus all the posts linking to substance.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    After over 20 years dear Viniciusdm at 5:16, of teaching in CPS and having along with every other classroom at my school, 31 students in them--yes, in kindergarten too and no aide at all anywhere, inc. special ed, I have come to believe that CPS WANTs NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS to FAIL. They have the power and the $(come on $72 mil just to 'present' the Olympics!?) to lower class size which would cause more student postive learning. Daley is NOT interested in this. He is interested in neighborhood failure and only that. It is time for him to go, but he and Arne and Ron have left us with a terrible mess.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    All of the money that was used for the Olympic bid was privately contributed. However, I agree that aggressive policy changes should be made to improve all of our city's schools.

  • CPS employees making $2+ million dollars per year

    Troy Gilmore, who supposedly works in

  • The lack of transparency. Why is there no accountability department wise for the New Schools Department. Why can't we see the resume of those running that department. What do they have to hide! Chicagoans want to know.

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