Fenger Followup

Duncan, Holder to Chicago in wake of
Fenger murder
 Chicago Sun-Times 

The President is concerned and
has asked that next Wednesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and
Attorney General Eric Holder travel to Chicago.

Derrion's family
struggling: 'We are overwhelmed'
Sun Times
Through no fault of his own, 16-year-old Derrion Albert has
become the latest symbol of the senseless violence that happens too often
in the city of Chicago.
Last week, Derrion was beaten to death by a mob of teens in a street fight.

officials to discuss Chicago student beating
 The Associated

President Barack Obama is sending Attorney General Eric Holder and
Education Secretary Arne Duncan to Chicago next week to discuss the
recent ...

Meets With Fenger Parents and Community Residents
 Chicago Public

Schools chief Ron Huberman says CPS wants to figure out
how to de-escalate kids' anger.

Hundreds at
meeting with schools chief on teen's fatal beating

 ... hundred
concerned parents and students from FengerHigh School
met with Roseland-area ministers, police officials, Schools CEO Ron
Huberman and the Rev. ...


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