Displaced Teachers Become Subs On Friday

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Tough times for Chicago's teachers.  It's dark when they wake up in the morning.  And cold.  Their union is dysfunctional and in disarray.  The students aren't getting any nicer.  They're almost certainly going to get swine flu -- at least once.  Thanksgiving is a long way away.

All this is reflected in the news:  Students protest ouster of Rice teacher, Teachers Sentenced To 'Rubber Room'.

But at least they're not in the dreaded reassigned teachers pool -- yet. 

Read on for the latest details.
That particularly unfortunate group of folks (I hear about 700 of them)
was given a list of positions and told to go get a job.  Many of the
open spots were part-time, however.  And, starting on Friday, anyone
who doesn't have a job is supposed to start subbing. 

As one teacher wrote in:  "Is that what they meant when they said that no cuts
were classroom based -- that we would all be back in the schools as
I can't believe (how naive of me) that Central Office would rather pay
my full salary as I sub, than put my skills to use. I'm adding HR to
the Office of Specialized Services as the most dysfunctional
departments at the Board...and that's saying a lot (I guess payroll was
a given)."

Last year -- it seems like a decade ago -- Medill reported that most displaced teachers found jobs eventually and there were lots of comments about that:  Mixed News For Chicago-Area Teachers - District 299

How's it going this year?  Anyone finding a job?  Anyone getting any help? What could CPS or CTU have done better, looking back at the last few months -- or is it all about the economy at this point? 


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  • COREteachers statement, 10/6/09 press conference ... the relevant part to this story.
    "20-day Rule Deprives Students of a Stable School Year
    At the June 24, 2009 Board of Education hearing, CORE members implored the Board to suspend the 20-day rule and fully staff schools from day one. CPS CEO Ron Huberman responded, "If on the first or second day of school, right, there are big numbers, we shouldn't wait until the 20th day to adjust. We agree with you. It's a process that needs to be improved ...'cause we all agree it's disruptive.

  • Wrong. 700 + 342 already in the displaced cadre pool. it is discrimination against tenured and veteran teachers not the economy. at least 1042 teachers subbing are now or will be subbing. The ironic thing is, as i am making my rounds as a sub i am finding first years teachers and teacher's without regular certifications hired since September. I do believe this would violate our contract and maybe even one or two labor laws. one day was really funny when a teacher was giving me directions on what i should do, i asked how long she was a teacher, she said 4 weeks, i then asked where she completely her certification, she replied i am not certified i am in TFA.

    Imagine one thousand teachers who can not get a job and someone who is not regularly certified in a position. I wonder if parents really know what is going in schools, if they really know who is teaching their children.

    If you have more stories(data) like this get a hold of me so we can set up some action against this unfair labor practice.

    John Kugler

  • Our number 1 issue for the next Union leadership should be restoring seniority rights that extend beyond a single school. It IS ridiculous that 1st year teachers keep their jobs but not 15-year veterans. It's too bad that this issue pits new teachers against veteran teachers, but they need to realize that one day 'they' will be the veterans and they will need job protection. And it's not enough to have seniority only for 1 school building !

  • It not a matter of seniority, CPS is hiring new teachers off the street instead of displaced teachers as the contract requires.

    Think about it. We have a union and a contract but the board lays off teachers and instead of giving laid off teachers jobs they hire new ones.

    I say that violates article 2 fair practices by the board discriminating against veteran appointed teachers that have been laid off and not giving them an opportunity to fill open positions.

    Before any new teacher is hired, should not all the displaced teachers be given an opportunity to fill those positions that are being filled with new hires?

    It is simple just get the position list and see all the hire dates, match the certifications, ask displaced teachers if they want positions in their certification and go from there. Only when there would be no regular certified teacher to fill a position should the board hire a new teacher or teacher without proper certification. It might even be against school code to have a hiring practice that does not place the most qualified teachers in positions.

    John Kugler

  • Well fellow teachers, do the right thing... lets all agree that the double dipping Marilyn should be shown the door with her high paid do nothing clowns. They have no dignity nor shame.

  • Laid-off Teamsters sue Chicago. a real union that fights for its members. we have the same thing new hires, TFA's, charters all taking our jobs and we get laid off.

    Laid-off Teamsters truck drivers sue Chicago
    Posted by John Byrne at 5:40 p.m.

    Nearly 80 Teamsters truck drivers are suing the city after losing their jobs this summer as part of Mayor Richard Daley

  • Retired Principal said: Displaced teachers don't forget, if you have not found employment after one year, you will be honorable terminated (FIRED, NO JOB, NO BENEFITS!)! Don't you just love CPS!

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