Desperate Daley Consults Mike Tyson

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Fresh off his tearful Oprah appearance and a meeting with Evander Holyfield, former boxer Mike Tyson met with Mayor Daley to discuss youth violence, among other things.

In a post-meeting interview at City hall, Tyson said he'd love to help Chicago address its problems and that he knows well what gets too many kids into violence during their teen years.  "I'm that guy," he said. 

Hmm.  We need all the help we can get, obv.  But this seems desperate and somewhat comical.  What next?  What other hot-tempered former celebrity can get in on this?  Do 15 year old kids know or care who Tyson was? 


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  • the one thing that influenced Tyson the most was a mentor--it was that simple. When his mentored passed away, so did tyson's emotional protection. So mayor--get some mentors! Our mayor thinks it is all so easy. We cut PE in HS by 2 full years, and students get PE 1 day a week in elementary school--sports programs are cut stinks mayor, it stinks.

  • Mayor should follow the lead of successful school districts instead of of consulting non-educators.

  • I just watched the Tyson documentary from 2008 this weekend, and I have to say, it changed my opinion of him a bit. I feel bad for him. He's not as dumb as many people think. It broke my heart the way he talked about his kids -- knowing that this was filmed before his daughter Exodus died.

  • I'm not against mentoring, or even Tyson -- who seemed so sad and chastened on Oprah -- but bringing him in to talk to the Mayor, with cameras etc, seemed like a dumb stunt on the part of City Hall.

  • Retired Principal said: I have watched the Tyson documentary from 2008 and it also changed my opinion of Mike Tyson! Dealing with youth and school violence is a very complex issue and there are no magic bullets! Strong and caring adult leadership is a start!

  • Alexander: from 10:18 and I agree with you. This is the mayor's way of touting to the AA community after the death of the Fenger students, the problems there and the Carver discrimination of the Altgeld area students--A way of getting 'black points ' when he press is bad for him. This is why he has so many communications people around him--they think they know what they are doing. The black community will forgive Daley--they always do; people forget, it's an eminence front--it

  • Karma is a *itch! Daley has been all about keeping the Loop purdy and the monied folk happy with gentrification while not attending to the basic services in the AA neighborhoods. The problem is Daley who doesn't know how to run a school district and hires folks who have no knowledge, experience or vision on how to run a high performance schools. No it isn't the charters. Shame on the AA preachers who take their 12 pieces of silver and support clowns like Daley and Stroger.

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