Daily CPS Roundup

Columbus' darker side emerges in classrooms AP
stature in U.S. classrooms has declined somewhat through the years, and
many districts will not observe his namesake holiday on Monday.

Chicago homicides decline 11% from same period last year
Through Sept. 15, killings of youths between the ages of 6 and 18
declined by 14.5 percent compared with the same period last year.

The Etiquette of Snitching WBEZ
It was a youth- led 'Town Hall' put
on by the Roseland Safety Networks Coalition to address community
tension that has followed the beating death of Fenger Academy honor
student Derrion Albert.
One Bowen senior had harsh words for Chicago's finest, taunting: "If
y'all was out there, [...]
LaSalle Co. schools superintendent found dead Tribune
LaSalle County Sheriff's Office says John V. Harrison died at his
Dayton Township home of an apparent suicide Sunday afternoon. The
41-year-old was superintendent of Ottawa Township High School.

Police search for missing East Aurora student Sun Times
are looking for a missing East Aurora High School student who was last
seen at 4 p.m. Friday at the west suburban school, authorities said.

Inner-City School Founder: No Miracle, Just Teaching NPR

the last 30 years, Providence St. Mel, a parochial school in Chicago's
inner city, has sent each of its graduates off to college. A new
documentary called The Providence Effect profiles the school
and its founder, Paul J. Adams, who says there's no magic formula to
St. Mel's success. It's all about teaching.

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  • congrats to P-St. Mel. Look at the total class size at this HS. Kelly HS freshman class is 1400 students --that's right, just the Freshnen class. What teachers could do with smaller class sizes and enrollment...

  • If you think about Columbus Day --it really is a Catholic holiday that public schools should NOT be off for. It is the only day off/holiday based on religion. (yes, it may be an italian thing too, bt it's still religious) Compare it to all the other holidays CPS gives. Do not say Xmas, since it is a winter break, not christmas vacation and it is spring break not easter--look at the calendar--surprised that CPS still offeres this holiday and aclu or other groups have not gone to court to have it removed as a day of religious celebration, beside the obvious that CC did NOT discover America and did destroyed its native people.

  • Students of Altgeld should be allowed to go to Carver Military--beside GW Carver and Gov. Altgeld rolling in their graves, this now selective enrollment school, Carver HS only will take a stanine 6 or higher to get it. This means if you do not speak English (an you even are a US citizen) you cannot get in. If you have a disability, you canot get in. And if you are black and from Altgeld garden, (this was your neighborhood school) you cannot get in. It is time for Carver military to SHARE THE SUCCESS that they have made on the backs of students living in poverty and take in the students from their onw neigborhood- stop discriminating against these students. Come on Ron--you know this is the right thing to do--will you let higher test scores mare you moral view?
    This is a test for you. And your friend Frynd has to be overhalled as well. How he handled Fenger was wrong and poor poor judgement.

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