City Hall Press Conference: Where's Ron?

I see Arne Duncan, the Mayor, Attorney General Eric Holder, a couple other black guys a woman and one really short guy with a mustache - but no Ron Huberman.

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  • Apparently Huberman was there, in the back of the room, and did not speak. He did attend the private breakfast beforehand, though, and presented his plan, which one Duncan aide described as much bigger and more intense than anything that had been tried in the recent past. Still, strange that Huberman wasn't up there. Can anyone name the rest? I see the Sun Times' Kate Grossman and Roz Rossi in the front row, but that's about it for me.

    / alexander

  • Retired Principal said: Alexander, Alderman Anthony Beale is one of the black guys in the grey suit and grey tie.

  • Tagline... Bring in the clowns!

  • just for fun. lets drive by fenger in six months to check out how many new cars are in the parking lot, see what kind of new furniture is in the offices and how many new coordinators were hired with the 500k from obama.

  • Kugler ... AUSL already spent $2.5m gussying up Fenger -- you know, turnaround "start up costs" these Ren10 schools get. The $.5m should go to community groups working the streets. But no, AUSL gets another $.5m, I guess for a job well done.

  • See that bump behind Arne's right shoulder? That's Huberman. Saw a photo of it from a different angle. He's shorter than Arne.

  • The short mustachioed man is 30th Ward Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras.

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