Chicago Schools High School Fair -- How Was It?

Fair and people graphic.jpg

The CPS high school fair was this weekend at the McCormick Center. 

Did anyone go?  Was it useful? 

I was thinking that this year's fair might be a little bit different, given the concerns over safety and the changes in the lottery process that are coming down the pike for next year.  


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  • Great details on the HSF--§ion=Article

  • The lay-out, signage, etc. was poorly organized. For example, in the main hall there were no signs for the individual school tables that were high enough to see over the crowd's heads. One had to search through the crowd at each table to identify the school.

    However, conversations with students at the tables were enough to get my 7th-grader enthused about doing well this year in order to have a shot at an SE high school. Speakers at the admissions seminar were somewhat better than adequate.

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