Catching Up With Substance

Catching up with Substance News, who has produced some interesting news and commentary over the past few days:

Richie's Rainbow
Daley met secretly with a handful of carefully selected Fenger staff
and students before the press conference, and then kept anyone from
Fenger out of the media lights when Daley finally convened the press
conference at his office.

Adrienne Hiegel is one of the 100 highest-paid executives at CPS
at CPS also tell Substance that Huberman is refusing to comply with a
Board policy to put on record the resumes of all executive hires. As
we've already reported at Substance, Huberman is also refusing to
provide the Agenda of Action following the Board meetings and votes.Pictured:  Sarah Kremsner.

Do you read the paper, in print or online?  What do you think of Substance's coverage?

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  • Substance is the only newspaper that tells the niity gritty about CPS. Some of their articles are too verbose but let's face it before this blog there was nothing to expose the nightmare that CPS central office imposes on its students and employees.

    Is there any truth to the rumor that CPS paid a retiree and let a PAT go during special education summer schoo? What a terrible way to treat people especially since she was supposedly the students' teacher during the school year. How much money did CPS save-no wonder the new teachers leave.

  • Substance poses a fascinating question about this new 'performance management' office. Anyone's who's visited that office knows there isn't a veteran person there - experience isn't valued, just obedience. Every CPS employee (those of you left) should go to a PM session. Perfectly terrifying example of the misuse of data. A performance management team too ignorant to analyze or interpret the data correctly, too novice to recognize their own ignorance - and those who do, too frightened for their jobs to speak up. God forbid someone tell Huberman that's not really what the data say. Everyone good has else has either left or is planning on leaving because they can't stomach what this new administration has done to CPS.

  • There are thousands of CPS students without regularly certified teachers in their classrooms. We are working on building an independent database of students that have been denied proper education instruction by the policies of huberman, duncan and the board of education.

    If you want to join in building this database contact me

    John Kugler

  • I subscribe and read the paper version of Substance. I take a pass on the online version because the site's layout is designed as if it were a print page layout and this makes it very difficult to read online. Also, its Comments stream doesn't include the headline of the story being commented upon, which makes it very confusing.

    In terms of content, I am most interested in Substance's reporting on board meetings, teachers and students abused by the system, CPS personnel compensation, standardized testing, and its critique of mainstream media's education coverage. I like most of what Substance covers, but would prefer a bit less of a "hysterical" or nasty tone. Don't mind "angry" or calling a spade a spade. But George can be real nasty.

    Without Substance, I would be clueless about CPS because I'd likely get most my CPS news from the Sun-Times, Trib, BEZ. Most that reporting is awful (regurtitated press releases) --- but I do have to say I'm impressed that Rex Huppke's well-done stories about special education were even run by the Trib. Catalyst, unfortunately, also has weak coverage of the reality experienced by teachers and students in CPS.

    In addition to Substance, I also rely on District 299 for feedback from the front, but I'm concerned that this difficult new format in ChicagoNow will kill the dialogue. I do miss George's comments. Thank god Rod Estvan has surfaced here.

    (That's true about Ritchie's Rainbow. And CPS-downtown hires in this checker-board pattern, too, doesn't it?)

  • You know these clowns at the top don't know anything is when transparency is totally out the window! If the top clown doesn't know nothing, he needs to hire even more ignorant folks!

  • Looking Out

    I have subscribed to Substance for as long as I can remember.
    Every month its arrival is something I look forward to for many

    That paper is the only one that looks out from the inside of
    schools. The stories are real and written by reporters who have
    been where I have been and experienced the pleasures of a CPS
    teaching career, and the horrors. Unless you have tried to teach in
    a CPS classroom there is absolutely no way to describe the
    situations we face every hour of every working day. George
    tells the story but those in power have fire walled Substance
    completely. Our useless union is no better in fact they are worst
    since it should be the union paper that reports what George does
    but it has a different agenda.

    Personally this blog, and now Substance, help me vent, so
    I hope both keep going.

  • A lot of the posts over at Marshfield Tattler (Back of the Yards neighborhood personal point-of-view blog at have CPS/education issues (on the street-level) threaded throughout them. Check it out. Very good.

  • - here's the address

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