Catalyst Magazine Rolls Out Some Updates

What do you think about these three recent offerings from Catalyst Magazine, which focus on increases in reported violence, value-added elementary school ratings, and Grow Your Own?


Violence on the rise inside Chicago high schools.

the past year, violent incidents inside or on the grounds of Chicago's
high schools rose by almost 20 percent...Over the past three years, there's been a nearly three-fold
increase in the rate of category 4, 5, and 6 violations to 15,094 in 2008-2009.

Value-added scores give mixed view of Chicago school turnarounds

little fanfare last month, Chicago Public Schools released its second
edition of "value-added scores" for every elementary school in the
system--offering parents what is theoretically a fairer way to gauge
school performance and sounding a note of caution on school

Annenberg study finds community groups spur education reform

One of these groups is Grow Your Own
Teachers, an Illinois program that is tackling the issue of teacher
retention and cultural competence in schools by cultivating teachers
from within communities. ALSO: Grow Your Own evaluation ISBE.

I rather like these more timely updates (compared to the in-depth stuff) and hope that once there's another fulltime reporter hired there will be more of them to come.  But that's just me.


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  • Retired Principal said: Does anyone know the names of the 45 high schools who Huberman refuses to name?

  • good question, RP -- i'm told that no one has that list (in the media at least) but that the board is giving out selected information on a handful of schools including those in the WBEZ piece. seems like a pretty unsatisfactory process and result to me, though. and the argument against "stigmatizing" the schools seems particularly ludicrous given how much we already know. / alexander

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