Board Of Ed Creates New Health Czar Position


Chicago schools to create medical officer post Tribune
The health czar will report directly to Ron Huberman, the schools'
chief executive officer, and will work closely with the Chicago
Department of Public ...

CPS to hire mentors for at-risk youth ABC7
Schools CEO Ron Huberman began planning the anti-violence program centered on mentoring before the deadly brawl videotaped outside Fenger high school ...

CPS after-school program receives high marks ABC7

United Way-sponsored report card of 10 Chicago public schools shows the
group's after-school program has improved graduation levels and reduced
truancy over the past five years.


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  • I seem to recall CPS had a medical officer who was an MD up to about 1979. The whole department was closed following a budget crisis that year as I recall. One of the reasons it was closed was all that the office did was process various forms.

    We can be sure this MD will be making over $150,000 a year. I thought CPS was in its worst budget crisis ever?

    Rod Estvan

  • Cut teachers and hire more administrators. If we have a deficit where is the money for this? No money for classroom teachers but more administrators is ok. Strange how daley overtly shows his corruption with impunity now. There is a good article on how daley diverts city money for private projects in the reader this week.

    The same is and has been going on in CPS:fake deficits and reallocation of resources away from students and into downtown patronage jobs.

    The Shadow Budget
    The Daley administration commands an off-the-books kitty of taxpayer money equivalent to a sixth of the official city budget. Now we

  • The Showdown in Chicago is underway! Thousands of Americans are in the midsts of a series of demonstrations against Wall Street banks and their lobbyists to call for financial reform.
    Check out the latest news:


    John Kugler
    Displaced Teacher

  • I would love to see Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke let loose on CPS corruption and mismanagement. There's George Schmidt. There's Rod Estvan. Add these two guys and we'd start getting some decent coverage of CPS.

  • Ron ran 911. Ron ran CTA. Ron is running CPS INTO the burial ground! He does not know what he is doing and proves it EACH day! (Still hiring key no-nothing people. Lying about the budget.) Now kids cannot even get to school without being killed. And Daley is not mayor enough (nor does he care with the loss of his beloved Olympics) to let this non-performer go. Stop mourning the olympics mayor and get your act together. you wanted the schools and you got them--all the power, all the $ and now all the death. And the guy you selected is screwing it up with his daily choices. Fine if you do not want to run again, but YOU MUST correct this mistake now. You know mayor, this is your grandchildrens' future too or will they run away from chicago as fast as they can? Your legacy mayor? Stop making it up in your head and get to it now. This is it!

  • Sick Students Shut Down Evanston Parochial School
    Oct 26, 2009 12:29 pm US/Central

    A rash of students out sick with flulike symptoms has shut down a Roman Catholic elementary school in Evanston.St. Athanasius School, at 2510 Ashland Ave. in Evanston, was closed on Friday and remained closed on Monday due to an increasing rate of student absences, many with flulike symptoms. It was not immediately known whether the students were suffering from the H1N1 flu.


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