Big Bad October Board Meeting

This month's board meeting takes place in the shadow of all sorts of Chicago school controversies:  youth violence, Bucktown vs. Pulaski, cuts to after school programs, Fenger vs. Altgeld Gardens, new hires (new schools, medical officer, etc.).  Of course, none of these are on the 


, which includes few notable items (though much of the agenda is so vague as to make it difficult to figure out ahead of time).  They'll be amending school promotion (again).  They're hoping to pequalify various turnaround vendors and consultants.  They're going to set new boundaries for Hurley, Lee, Pasteur (re West Lawn)


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  • there's a protest being planned, i forgot to mention:

    Press alert -- for immediate release

    Fenger parents, LSC members, join with the Grass Roots Education
    Movement (GEM) coalition representing groups from across the city to
    demand that CPS

  • Retired Principal said: I have two questions- 1. Does anyone know who Peggy A. Davis is? Peggy is being reappointed as Trustee to serve on the Public School Teachers' Pension and Retirement Fund of Chicago. 2. What does approve the pre-qualification status of various school operators and school management consultants to provide turnaround services mean?

  • 1. Peggy Davis was a lawyer doing much city business. Arne Duncan hired her to be his first chief of staff. She lasted for a year or two and then went back to her law firm. Daley put her on the board 2-3 years ago.
    2. Vendors are prequalified for some jobs and a list is developed. This is just updating the list, I believe

  • Did I hear right? On tomorrow's radio show 848 on WBEZ, Alison Cuddy's going to do some kind of field guide for CPS board meetings. I cudda heard wrong.

  • Public Comment: Regular Chicago Board of Education Meeting
    October 28, 2009
    125 S. Clark

  • this is great kugler thanks! Scott tears a-- at Julie W at PURE! Just finished listening! WOW. CORE presents-anyone who is not sure of CORE or to vote for Jay Rehak, listen up--here it is! As for Stewart, well listen yourself, but it is too little too late, it all sounds like she is just doing this to run again. And Scott really tore PURE's JW a new one. he really let her have it. Better than Jerry Springer y'all.

  • I didn't see it but listened to the clip where the student member from Brooks commented after Julie W. He probably had it planned but it was great. Again, she got her kid into Whitney Young . . .

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    I don't see anything wrong with the young man having planned his comments (BTW, he's from Lindblom Math & Science Academy). After all, Julie W's comments were planned.

    I think he put Julie W in her place. It's a shame she responded by putting him down. That Julie. She uses kids for her purposes, but doesn't mind smearing them when they say something contrary to her "facts."

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    audio clips from the board meeting, courtesy of WBEZ:

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    Thanks for posting the link to the Board meeting. If I was Michael Scott, I would be tempted just to get up and leave and let them grandstand and have a pep rally with each other. They certainly weren't trying to be heard by the Board. One of the only credible speakers was Derrick Harris who was respectful and persuasive. Wanda Hopkins is certifiably insane--now she is a preacher???? This is a joke that this woman has any time at at the mic. Rehak was disrespectful and vitriolic and why would anyone listen to him--he was rude to the Board secretary. The speaker after him from UIC was worse--I don't even remember the substance of what he said because he was so rude. Julie W. is a hypocrite and I am glad the young man put her in her place. Marilyn Stewart went well beyond her time but really had nothing to say. It is obvious that these people are speaking to each other--if they really expect the board to be listening, they need to take some rhetoric courses. What a joke!

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    i'm being told that the board approved big pay increases for the new huberman folks -- something that they'd tried (and failed) to do during the september meeting when the agenda item (09-0923-RU1 Amend Board Rule 4-1 Delegation of Authority and Reporting to the Board Withdrawn)was withdrawn. i'm going to try and get more on this but if you know the deets, let us (or me) know. / alexander

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    No details. Just outrage.

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    09-0923-RU1Amend Board Rule 4-1 Delegation of Authority and Reporting to the Board Withdrawn

    the Chief Executive Officer and his/her designee(s)are hereby delegated the following authority with respect to Board personnel, which may be exercised without Board action:

    [brackets designate language to be removed: in report its is strike-through]

    {additions to report: in the report its underlined}

    Chief Executive Officer

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    more pay increases for Ron's people! OMG
    I just got my tax bill--house valuse down and taxes up!
    I will be layed off in June after 25 years. This is just sick.
    Have you seen the monthly cost for cobra and after the 18 months.
    How can the mayor allow Ron to raise salaries when daley is asking people to take 24 furlough days and all the layoffs?

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    would this be legal? to remove public oversight from a government agency. looks like huberman likes to break every rule of open and honest government.

    More money for the CTA cronies.

    I would be nice to link to the police blogs.
    they are not a nice as teachers when blogging.

  • In reply to chicagomom:

    let's move the discussion over the salary raises provision over to the new post i've put up:

    huberman's super secret salary power grab

    there are already a few comments over there.


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