Around The Schools: Wednesday Morning News

Religious groups slated for Illinois grants Tribune
Thanks to the recently passed public works bill, Christ the King
Jesuit College Prep on West Jackson Boulevard also boasts a
half-million-dollar state grant.

City to create 'Tech Corps' for laid-off professionals Sun Times
exchange for a $450 weekly stipend, they will be put to work for 30
hours a week in six-month jobs that benefit Chicago residents -- either
in the city, the public schools or non-profits.

Suburban schools raise their hands for new building funds
eight years ago, officials at Maine Township High School District 207
asked the state for help building new classrooms for a burgeoning
student body, hoping to join hundreds of districts statewide that had
cashed in on billions' worth of construction aid.

Federally funded regional consortium to test ways to improve education KC Star

of that makes it hard to amass the kind of usable data that have marked
a successful research collaboration between Chicago-area universities
and the 400,000-student Chicago public schools.

Naperville students return after H1N1-related death Tribune
they returned to school this morning, Naperville North High School
students placed flowers and notes by the locker of Michelle Fahle, a
classmate who died last week after contracting the H1N1 flu virus.

Young black men in Chicago get some positive role-models Guardian (UK)
they joined the school, just 7% of students were able to read at the
expected grade, yet a within a year 79% were able to pass the necessary
courses to graduate, compared with 34% for the neighbourhood. Daily
attendance is 93%, compared with 75% locally.

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  • Retired Principal said: The Chicago Public Schools has been added to SB2011, which will allow CPS to ONLY contribute 10% of the CPS pension obligation for the year! This means CPS will only have to pay $30.7 million of the $307 million that CPS owes the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund! P.S.- The attack on the CTPF continues!

  • Ms. Spielman in the last two days has authored two articles (one was posted to the blog today by Alexander) relating to Mayor Daley

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