Another Day, Another Bit Of Videotaped Violence

15-year-old special needs student says a Dolton police officer assigned
to his former school slammed him against the lockers, wrestled him to
the floor and then pinned him down, breaking his nose, all because he
didn't have his shirt tucked in, his family's attorney said Wednesday." (Video shows Dolton cop beating teen at school Tribune)


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  • Why is this an issue nearly 5 months later (date on video is May of this year)? Who released the video? Why does it matter whether the student is a "special needs" student or not? Is there a back story (bet there is--but bet that we won't hear about it if it paints the student in an unfavorable light!)?

    Gut feeling is that someone is looking for $$$ or at least a chance to bash the school and/or the police officer....

  • From the Trib story: Officials with the academy also would not comment but issued a statement saying that "the physical restraint of a student sometimes becomes necessary. In such instances, AFL and its staff are committed to employing techniques that are safe, effective, and which conform to best practice standards."

    The take down on this video is not a BEST PRACTICE for holds in therapeutic or special needs schools. Apparently the "academy official" (and the reporter covering this story) doesn't realize that. Or maybe the phrase "staff are committed to employing techniques" let's the school off the hook from actually employing those techniques.

  • lets, not let's - typo

  • It seems clear from the video that the Dolton police officer did most of the damage to the student. My understanding is that the city of Dolton has agreed what he did was wrong and already fired the officer. The staff at the school also did the wrong thing, it is clear that once the student was thrown into the lockers by the officer he offered no resistance, there was no reason to put the student in a restraining hold as the staff of the school did along with the police officer.

    Curmudgeon should understand that in this case it is very relevant that this was a special education student. First the school was a special education school taking students from several school districts (none from Chicago that I know of) which pay to have these students educated not beaten. Second the student already had a brain injury and this beating did not help. Third the video was released by the lawyer for the student who got the video as part of discovery from what I read.

    Rod Estvan

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