A Union For Chicago Public School Parents?

Chicago's local school councils have been around more than 20 years but are in some ways a limited and limiting form of parental involvement.  So what if parents banded together to form a union just like teachers and others have done? That's the idea that's floated in this Medill Reports article -- a somewhat new notion that is being tried in Los Angeles but is still relatively unfamiliar:


McDermott, an expert in parental involvement in education and assistant
professor with DePaul University's School for New Learning, said the
concept of a parent's union was new to her. But she added that the
parents may not feel their voice is being heard through more
traditional means such as local school councils."

Parents hope to form a more perfect union Medil

What do you think?  A related idea -- a citywide association of local school councils -- was tried and abandoned during the 1990s.


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  • How about a union of high school students?

  • PARENTS: "Voice your opinion about the end of the Consent Decree"

    October 27, 2009 - A parent at school tipped me off to this link where you can give your opinion about the end of the Consent Decree to CPS (assuming somebody there is actually reading and doing anything with these comments, of course.) Oh, do I sound bitter?...


    the CPS link: suggestions are welcomed at 773.553.2060 or at http://cpsoae.org/apps/contact/?rn=9229812

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