A Few More Details About The Huberman Plan

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A few more details from a New York Times article just out about the Huberman plan: Financed by federal stimulus grants for two years, the $60 million plan uses a formula gleaned from an analysis of more than 500 students who were shot over the last several years...The new approach took a team of eight people six months to create...Chicago typically spends $55 million a year on security for what is the third largest school system in the nation...The immediate challenge for Chicago is rolling out the complicated plan, which involves the coordination of various city departments and agencies and local nonprofits and community groups.

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  • Arne is a sick man. Wake up people--by closing Carver HS, he made this mess. Wake up WTTW--there was a discussion on tonight's show about Fenger (It's Fenger WTTW, NOT Finger.) Get this--the young people in Altgeld Gardens were thrown out of Carver--they are NOT allowed to go there and they know it. These young people know that they are NOT wanted by even their own neighborhood school--now a military academy that they CANNOT get into--their own school--thank Arne and the Board cronies for this! So experts--wake up--The youth of this community know they are NOT wanted. Then we wonder why they are rising up angry. Frymd will get his wish--attendance at Fenger is bd now, but the poor unwanted students are not going to school now and they will drop out since they have no other place to go.

  • Hey Tribune reporter--just try to get CPS to open up Carver Military for these students from Fenger but who live in Carver's old boundaries. Now, there is a solution!--open the Carver building at night for them to swim and go to gym and use the computers... ha! That wont happen, but it would solve a huge problem. Watch--Arne and Ronnie will do ALL they can to keep those young people OUT of Carver Military. That military program is more imprtant than those young people's lives! (Already proven btw.) You want healing, let's see CPS do that!

  • ST editorial: CPS should consider alternate school idea


  • Retired Principal said: Fights like this happen in all the neighborhoods where CPS has closed the general high schools and sent their students to another high school!

  • I just read the New York Times story and let me say I was astounded. Susan Saulny the NYT reporter makes repeated references to

  • Huberman makes up the numbers as he goes. That is what he has always done.

    Chicago Public Schools Chief Ron Huberman is planning another $61 million in budget cuts this fiscal year.

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