What Everyone Else Is Saying About Chicago Schools

Sorry about the horrible job I've been doing lately keeping track
of what other blogs are saying about CPS.  Here's a roundup of some of
the best I can find -- if you know of other blogs run by teachers,
parents, or insiders let the rest of us know. Thanks!

New web site for Office of Academic Enhancement CPSObsessed
One cool feature is that they have a calendar of Open Houses (at least
for the month of September.) 

Ron Huberman finally comes out from under Arne Duncan's shallow shadow Examiner
Huberman and Arne Duncan  Rookie Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO, Ron
Huberman has finally stepped up to the plate and taken an official 'at

More intriguing detail from charter school minutes PURE
The picture of charters that emerges from their own Board minutes is
rather different from the polished image groups like Advance Illinois,
the Civic Committee, and Illinois Network of Charter schools try to

Maritza Seeks Help for School Phobia Maritza
Her mom tells me Mr. Correa has
left Chavez and things are very disorganized now. She's also heard the
stories about drugs and gang recruitment in the upper grade center
(Sarah wouldn't be there yet, but soon) and she won't have her daughter
go there.

VIDEO: Brutal school bus beating! It's My Mind
fight was purported to be racially motivated, however, did anyone
notice that there were some cool headed students who attempted to break
up the fight.

Charter event kicks out public school students Substance
The workers apologized for having to exclude regular
public school students from a public park on a sunny day following the
first week of school in Chicago.

Progress! Whet Moser
To put it more bluntly,
the government is putting itself in the uncomfortable position of
subsidizing both the costs of treating Type 2 diabetes and the
consumption of high-fructose corn syrup. Given that this is Illinois, that could be a doozy.

Huberman focusing on traditional neighborhood schools PURE
refreshing to hear Ron Huberman acknowledge in a WBEZ interview that
most of the district's students attend regular neighborhood

Give me $1 million a year for 10 years and I can do more than they can with $30 million Tutor Mentor Connections

was interviewed tonight on the Garrard McClendon TV show on CLTV about
the $30 million that CPS is spending to provide a wide range of
interventions, including mentoring, to turn around 1200 teens.

Youth paint school mural, explore selves New  Communities
West Haven "Phoenix Rising" mural on the back wall of Victor Herbert
Elementary School facing Touhy Herbert Park looked faded, chipped,
warped and slumped over earlier this summer, but soon it will rise
again and look just like new.

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