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Daley Won't Say Whether Principal Picks Should Be Cut WBEZ

Mayor Richard Daley won't say whether principals at selective high
schools should get to pick some enrollees.

First day at a  'turnaround school' ABC7

not just a new school year, it's a whole new school culture at what's
now called The Bethune School of Excellence, 3030 W. Arthington.

CPS Head Ron Huberman Discusses Upcoming School Year WBEZ

Huberman defends violence prevention priority and says it will
eventually serve 10,000 kids, reveals that he will be grading schools
in the near future, slowly crumpling under Linda Lutton's questioning.

Urban Prep Charter Freshmen Weigh in on Mr. Obama's Speech WBEZ

The new freshman class at Urban Prep's new West Side campus take a lesson from Mr. Obama's speech.

Million Father March: Dads take kids to 1st day of school Tribune

McDuffie was one of thousands of men who participated in the
national Million Father March by taking their children to school on the
first day of classes Tuesday. 

Mayor Daley goes back to school Windy Citizen

week, CPS chief Ron Huberman unveiled a $30-million plan targeting the
most at-risk students and schools. The initiative takes a refreshing
step back ...

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