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Tech issues block message Sun Times

Chicago's heavily African-American Woodlawn community, Sexton Principal
Ginger Bryant liked President Obama's message to the nation's
schoolchildren Tuesday, but her school didn't have the technology to
let her students watch it live.

Back to School
Woestehoff, Forte, and Ewing discusses issues CPS will face in the new school year.

Fame School Comes to Chicago WBEZ
the last major city to get a public high school devoted to the arts.
The first city-wide school just opened, and there's a ribbon cutting
ceremony today. Teachers and students hope it won't just give the city
its version of Fame. They're hoping it helps level the playing field too.

Pressure on ill students Tribune

on ill students
As an elementary school teacher in the Chicago Public Schools system
for the past four years, I've been appalled by the number of students
who come to school really sick. I'm talking about children who are
feverish, nauseated to...

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