Testing Kids On Computers Vs. Paper & Pencil

More about the new computerized assessment system that's being rolled out by the Board, thanks to a friend of the blog. 

For example, "the District needs an additional 10,000 computers to meet the minimum standard for
computer adaptive assessment.?"  Ten thousand more computers?  No problem, says Ron.  It'll happen this year. 

Meantime, feel free to continue using the old benchmark assessment,
which will also be provided online starting this winter.  Want to use
NWEA?  Sorry, no such luck.  Unless you're AAMPS.  High schools?  IDS
for you.

Read all about it here and here (both PDFs).  Tell us what you think. 

Some questions:  Why did they choose Scantron instead of NWEA?  How are
the kids going to react to 50 adaptive questions instead of a linear
pencil and paper test?  Are the benchmarks even that useful?

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