Struggle Sharing A School In Wicker Park

how things might work out sharing a building at Pulaski in Bucktown? 

Check out
this (totally unverified) email about how things have been going down
at Wicker Park's Andersen / LaSalle II, a building where the old school (Andersen) is being phased out and a "clone" of the popular LaSalle schools (dubbed LaSalle II) is being phased in.

Again, this hasn't been checked out. Do you know what is really
going on there? Is this how it always goes with shared spaces, or have
people in other buildings figured it out better? Let us know. The Letter:

Earlier in the morning the Andersen students were in the playground, As
the time got closer for them to go downstairs to the cafeteria to eat
their breakfast as usual they were gathering in front of the back door
where it leads them directly to the lunchroom. They knocked multiple
times so they could get inside after them knocking for a while a woman
opened the door and as the kids thought they were able to walk inside
she extended her hand out and told them to stop and to turn around and
go through the Andersen doors to be able to go to the lunchroom.

so in
other words she wanted all the Andersen kids to walk back to the
Andersen entrance and walk around inside the building that connects
Andersen and Laselle to be able to get to the lunchroom on top of that
she told the Andersen Children with an attitude to stop knocking on the
Door and to wait for someone in the lunchroom to come up and open the
door and she slammed the door on the kids faces and walked away.

kids were confused and some of them started walking back and other
stood their so I mentioned it to one of the security guards of Andersen
and he went around to Investigate the situation but the woman was gone
and by the time he got around one of they other security guards from
Andersen opened the door because she had come up from the lunchroom and
the kids were able to get there lunch. I mentioned it to the security
guard that opened the door and she was surprised to hear what had

is not the first time that a situation like this has happened with La
Salle II faculty and our Andersen students. Once more this is another
example of how our students are being treated only for the simple fact
that our children comes from low income families or because they want
the entire school building so to me there agenda is to treat these
innocent children with no respect so the parents could take them out of
the school and they can completely take over Andersen Elementary..

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