Questions About Chicago Schools' First-Day Attendance Claims

Most folks reported what CPS said without question...

CPS sees record turnout on 1st day WLS
Chicago Public Schools students turned out in record numbers
for the first day of school. This year, an all time high ...

CPS sets record for first-day attendance Sun Times

Public Schools students this year posted record attendance figures on
the first day of school -- an all-time high of 94.1 percent showed up.

New Record Attendance for First Day of School 
NBC Chicago

... principals, faith leaders and corporate leaders to
underscore the important message of going to school on the first day,"
said Schools CEO Ron Huberman, ...

...But WBEZ had some other thoughts:

CPS First-Day Attendance May Be Exaggerated WBEZ

Rhey're counting kids
who've been in class for weeks.

This isn't the first time that these numbers have seemed like they might have been plumped.  Remember that Catalyst also raised questions about the first-day claims last year, calling them a "figment."

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